Hessonite, Horseranch Range, BC

Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Star Sapphire


Hessonite Garnet from
Horseranch Range, BC

Tucked away within British Columbia's diverse geology are a wide variety of gem deposit types and gem species. British Columbia is the world's largest producer of nephrite jade. Rhodonite production is significant and small amounts of opal are currently marketed to a local tourist market. In 1997, the author published a paper in The Canadian Gemmologist outlining the geology and gemstones from some of British Columbia's gem occurrences. Since then, deposits of rhodolite garnet and iolite have been identified in the Slocan valley and additional occurrences of opal and peridot have been discovered in the BC's interior. Interest in gem deposits within British Columbia has increased dramatically in the past few years. Several mining companies are now involved with gemstone exploration.

Unless otherwise noted, this list only includes localities that have produced faceted gems or crystals that could otherwise be cut into gems.

List of Gemstone Occurrences in British Columbia

(Mines and significant occurrences are marked in bold)
  • AMBER  Top
    1. Coalmont
    2. Hat Creek
    3. Nechako River, near Fort Frazer
    4. Quesnel River

  • BERYL  Top
    1. Aquamarine - B-Q Claims, near Passmore (Photo)
    2. Aquamarine - Horseranch Range, near McDame
    3. Aquamarine - Mt. Foster, near Bennett
    4. Aquamarine - Surprise Lake, near Atlin
    5. Aquamarine - Ash Mountain, near Cassiar
    6. Aquamarine - Prince George area
    7. Aquamarine - Skuckumchuck Creek
    8. Emerald - Red Mountain, near Stewart

    1. Star Sapphire - Blu Starr Claims, Passmore

  • GARNET  Top
    1. Almandine - B-Q Claims, near Passmore
    2. Hessonite - Horseranch Range, near McDame (Photo at top of page)
    3. Rhodolite - Slocan valley, near Passmore

  • IOLITE  Top
    1. Slocan valley, near Passmore

  • JADE  Top
    1. numerous localities

  • OPAL  Top
    1. Okanagan Opal, Vernon
    2. Firestorm Opal, Burns Lake
    3. Northern Lights claim, Whitesail Mtns.

    Cherryville Peridot
  • PERIDOT  Top
    1. Big Timothy Mountain, near Hendrix Lake
    2. Dease Lake
    3. Lightning Peak, near Cherryville (Photo)
    4. Prince George area
    5. Timothy Mountain, near Lac la Hache
    6. Lumby area

  • QUARTZ  Top
    1. Amethyst - Lemon Creek, Slocan
    2. Amethyst - Kamloops area
    3. Amethyst - Penticton area
    4. Amethyst - Terrace area
    5. Amethyst - Mt Odin area, near Revelstoke
    6. Amethyst - Sanca Creek
    7. Rose - Slocan valley, near Passmore
    8. Rose - Mount Begbie, Revelstoke
    9. Rose - Horseranch Range, near McDame
    10. Smoky - Ash Mountain, near Cassiar
    11. Smoky - Revelstoke area
    12. Smoky - B-Q Claims, near Passmore
    13. Smoky - Dunn Peak, near Barriere
    14. Smoky - Mount Foster, near Bennett

    1. numerous localities

  • TOPAZ  Top
    1. near Atlin
    2. Mount Foster, near Bennett

  • ZIRCON  Top
    1. Blue River
    2. Blu Starr Claims, Passmore

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