Hessonite, Horseranch Range, BC

TSAVORITE - Jeffery Mine, Asbestos, Quebec   "Green Garnet"

The Jeffrey Asbestos Mine, located in the town of Asbestos, Quebec, has also been a prolithic producer of a variety gems and fine minerals specimens.  Although asbestos production began in 1881, mineral collectors have only known about the presence of mineral specimens and gems since about 1950.  Grossular garnet from the Jeffrey Mine occurs in colours ranging from pale pink to orange/pink, light yellow, colourless and the colour varieties hessonite (orange to orange/brown) and tsavorite (yellowish green to bright vivid green).  The Jeffrey Mine is one of Canada's most important and most prolific gemstone and crystal localities.

Hessonite is by far the most abundant colour variety of garnet at the Jeffrey Mine.  Crystals of tsavorite (green garnet) tend to be smaller and much less common than the hessonite.  Tsavorite crystals suitable for faceting are even rarer.  The tsavorite gems offered for sale on this page are very tiny and most are moderately included, which is typical for tsavorite from this locality.

Weight........... 0.04 carat Catalogue #..MW189
Dimensions... 2.1 mm Cut Style....... Round brilliant
Colour............ Medium-dark green Clarity............ Moderately included
Total Price.... $15.00 CDN GEC................ N   (Glossary of Terms)

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