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SCAPOLITE - Cat's Eye  - Baffin Island, Kimmirut, Nunavut, Canada

The scapolite offered for sale here comes from the Kimmirut area, on southern Baffin Island, Nunavut and was collected between 2004 and 2008.  This scapolite is extremely fluorescent, glowing an intense bright yellow colour when exposed to long-wave ultra-violet light.  Some of this scapolite also displayed a weak tenebrescence.  The tenebrescent scapolite changes from a light-medium, slightly grayish yellow to medium, slightly bluish gray after being exposed to short-wave ultraviolet (SWUV) light for five minutes or more.  This colour fades within minutes upon exposure to visible light.  Fluorescent scapolite has been found at several sites in the Kimmirut area, including the Beluga sapphire occurrence, however, only one site is known to produce sharp cat's eye gems.  The quality of the "eye" depends on the density of fibrous inclusion; the greater the density of fibrous inclusion the stronger the "eye".

With a hardness of 5 - 6 on Moh's hardness scale scapolite is a little too soft to use in rings.  However, scapolite could be used in earrings and pendants.

View under normal light. View under normal light. View under long wave UV light.
Weight........... 0.67 carat Catalogue #..LW086
Dimensions... 5.6 mm Cut Style....... Round cabochon
Colour............ Light-medium gray Clarity............ Translucent
Total Price.... Sold! GEC................ N   (Glossary of Terms)

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